Flight Simulator Games

flight simulator gamesFlight simulator games are a great way to relax and unwind after a busy and stressful day. Different companies have been producing these games for over a decade now, and for the most part, that is all that they provide; simple fun. There is a big difference between a flying game and an actual simulator, the difference being that games are mostly for children and amateurs, while simulators give the real experience of flying. If you want the real pilot experience and want to go through what actual army pilots first experience, you should try one of  the latest  flight simulator games. [hyperlink family="Tahoma,Geneva,sans-serif" size="20" color="f37879" textshadow="0" alignment="center" weight="bold" style="normal" lineheight="110" linkurl="http://bdb217vb3z7zcudjynohldjj3w.hop.clickbank.net/?tid=PROFLIGHT" linkwindow="_self"]Click Here For The Latest Pro Flight Simulator[/hyperlink]

This simulation is more than just a game. It is said that over ten years were spent researching and creating this game; including the use of actual military data and images for the creation of the terrains and world maps. If you are wondering what makes this game different from all the other flight simulators out there; you have just asked a very simple question.

Flight Simulator Games: Pro Flight Simulator gives you the whole world to fly

A real problem with most of the current flight simulator games is the lack of flyable terrain; with only a few different ‘worlds available’. Some simulators require you to complete long and sometimes tiresome missions in order to ‘unlock’ planes and terrains. This is just to keep you hooked to the game, as there is little else of value to many of these games. With Flight Sim Pro, you have an entire world (literally) at your fingertips, with the option to visit actual places such as the Pyramids of Egypt, or the Taj Mahal. And not only that, this new simulator incorporates real time data for weather and sky conditions; aka if it is raining over the Eiffel Tower, you better avoid flying in such conditions; as the simulation is created to mimic actual weather problems and other difficulties. There are several websites on the web where you can get some very good information about flight simulator games an I recommend that you take the time to do some research.

Flight Simulator Games: Pro Flight Simulator comes with a wide variety of airplanes and helicopters

The game comes with over 120 different airplanes and helicopters; more than any other simulator or game available on the market. Each one of these planes have been modeled to replicate a real world plane, including some classics like the first Wright Brothers Airplane, as well as some of the latest fighter planes. All of the flight simulator games that are available today run on most operating systems and require only a basic configuration; although you may want a fast graphics card with 3d acceleration and a joystick in order to enhance your gameplay. If you don’t have a fast internet connection you may also want to consider ordering the DVDs; either rate, obtaining a copy of this best selling game is simple and quick, and you can be experiencing the next best thing to flying within minutes.

Flight Simulator Games

The Excitement And Challenge Of Playing Airplane Simulator Games

Airplane Simulator Games

People who enjoy realistic types of video games will probably want to check out the airplane simulator games. In most of these games, players have a selection of airplanes they can choose to pilot.

Airplane Simulator Games Modelling

These planes are often modeled after real airplanes with many of the three dimensional games placing the player inside the realistic looking cockpit. The cockpit view allows the player to move the screen from side to side to see all of the controls as well as the view outside the window. Games will often allow the players to switch the camera angle from being inside the cockpit to observing the plane from outside the craft.

One of the most interesting features about the airplane simulator games, is the ability to select from an assortment of background locations. The 3D graphics provide very realistic bridges, mountains, trains and buildings to fly over and around. The different landscapes make the adventure of flying the simulation airplane more realistic and more challenging. The object is to navigate around the various obstacles without actually running into them. This takes a degree of skill in using hand eye coordination to make the airplane turn, rise and descend as needed.

Airplane Simulator Games Are Challenging

Airplane simulator games can also offer additional challenges to the player in the form of enemy aircraft. In addition to navigating around all the on screen buildings, the player also has to dodge enemy fire. In these games, the airplane the player is flying will have the ability to return fire on the enemy planes, which could be controlled by other people playing the game. Some of these battle simulation games will have the planes designed to replicate real military airplanes and jets. The military airplanes can be modern versions of today’s planes or versions of planes used in wars from past decades, such as World War Two.

Playing airplane simulator games

Flight Simulator Free Online

Online gaming can be a lot of fun, and it is easy to find free games on the internet.  Some of the most popular games are flight simulator free online games.  You can find many of these games on the internet by doing a simple search.  Games that feature flight simulation have been a popular type of video game for many years now, and with advances in technology, you can now play them on your PC.

Finding Flight Simulator Free Online Games

One of the main reasons that these types of games are so much fun is that they allow anyone to feel what it would be like to fly an aircraft or spaceship.  These games literally put you into the cockpit. They allow every single person to have the opportunity to be a pilot without leaving their home.

There are different types of flight simulator games that can be found on the internet.  Some are much more advanced than others are.

Different levels of flight simulator free online games

If you want to play something that is intense and truly similar to the controls of a real aircraft or space ship, you can find many games that will meet your needs.  However, if you want to play a simpler simulator game, there are also many of those types, which can be found on the internet free of charge.  Some of these games offer different settings so that you can play at the level with which you are most comfortable.

By looking around for flight simulator free online games, you are sure to find many great options.  While some games put you into space, others will allow you to fly a fighter plane.  Since each game is different, it may take some time to find one you truly enjoy playing.  With a computer and internet connection, it is easy to have access to many enjoyable and free video games.

Military Flight Sims The Guide

A Guide To Military Flight Sims Games

As technology advances, military flight simulator games are gaining in popularity. This is because most people want to know what it feels like to fly a plane. Miltary flight sims allow gamers to get as close as possible to flying without getting in a plane.

Gamers will be pleased to know that these games are very realistic. In fact some people find that they get a little scare when they have a rough landing. Due to this these games are great for those who want to learn how to fly.

Training with military flight sims

There are numerous reasons why a person would want to play a flight simulator game. Some want to experience flying while others hope to get over their fear of flying. The scenery and landscape in these games are so realistic that players will feel as if they are off the ground. However it is important to note that these games are best for their intended purpose.military flight sims

Military flight sims for gamers

Simulators were initially designed to help people learn to fly a plane. Because of this the military flight sims game is laid out exactly like a real plane. Gamers will find that the pilot seat and instruments are exactly the ones they would see in a real plane. This allows trainee pilots to feel comfortable in a flying environment. Most pilots will spend countless hours on a simulator before they fly a real plane.

There are numerous simulator games on the market. Some of these products are better than others. The only way gamers can learn the pros and cons of each game is to read online reviews. Reviews written by pilots in training should be taken seriously as they have a vested interest in this product. The military flight sims game can be purchased at various outlet stores. As they are expensive it is worth doing some research before making a purchase.

Military Flight Sims

The History Of Flight Simulator Games

Flight simulators are virtual tools that are designed to teach the user how to fly an aircraft without the risk.  When you are learning how to fly professionally or for fun, you cannot buckle yourself into a 747 and expect to catch on in a matter of minutes.  Flying an aircraft is not like riding a bike; one small mistake can have serious consequences.  This is why flight simulator games were created to help teach training pilots how to fly.  Learn about the history of flight simulation and see just how much it has advanced over the years.

The First Flight Simulator Game to Hit the Market

The first known arcade game to use flight simulation was Jet Rocket.  This simulator was released by Sega in 1970 and was designed as a form of entertainment and not training.  The game featured a cockpit complete with all of the controls and a basic and stationary landscaping scene on the screen.  Players could shoot missiles and explode targets before their eyes.

The Advancement of Flight Simulator Games

The release of Jet Rocket made way for a whole genre of combat simulator games.  The next popular game to hit the arcades was Interceptor made by Taito in 1975.  This first-person shooter took flight simulation to a new level and used a joystick so the player could aim at enemy aircraft and disintegrate them in mid-air.

Flight Simulator Games for the Personal Computer

It was not until the 1980s that flight simulator games were made for personal computers.  They have remained very popular on personal computers to this day.  The first PC game to hit the market was subLOGIC.  The subLOGIC game, created by Bruce Artwick, has basic graphics, real world scenery, and a mock control panel.  The creator made several different versions of subLOGIC for Mac computers and later for IBM compatible computers.  The IBM compatible versions were licensed under Microsoft as Flight Simulator 1.00.  The company later released 2.0 and 3.0 versions with more aircraft options and better graphics.

Console Games

After PC games, came more advanced games for playing consoles in the home.  Sega released a flight simulator game in 1987 that was titled After Burner.  This combat game used a joystick and was widely popular on the Genesis and later the Playstation.  Super Nintendo also released a game called Pilotwings.  This game helped the player earn their pilot license by completing flight lessons that were built into the game.

Flight simulator games may have started out slow but they have graduated into a huge market.  They are designed to entertain you and teach you what it feels like to control an actual aircraft.  New simulator games have advanced so much that you will really feel like you are controlling a plane.  If you choose the right game, you can use controls that are found in actual cockpits and select the weather and time of day you want to fly.  You can even fly over your house and see it with satellite technology.  The world of flight simulation will continue to grow.

Combat Flight Simulator Games

Have you ever imagined yourself in a cockpit of an airplane, valiantly dodging enemy fire and striving to complete a crucial mission? For most of us, the closest we are going to get a flying an airplane is being a passenger on an airliner. However, there is a good way to see almost exactly what pilots in wartime had to deal with. This can be done with a combat flight simulator.

A flight simulator recreates everything as the pilot would see it. The screen shows the cockpit layout of whatever sort of plane you are flying, and you can see all the information. This includes things like altitude, fuel gauges, and a speedometer.

Combat Flight Simulator History

Aeriel combat has been a component of battles ever since WWI. There are flight simulation games to mimic air-warfare in virtual any war, from the heyday of the Red Baron in WWI, right up to current military conflicts. Of course, WWII was the biggest war, and has the largest stories and histories behind it. This means the game Combat Flight Simulator 3 is the best game of its type out there, with its sheer attention to detail regarding everything involving WWII.

Enjoying Combat Flight Simulator Games

There are lots of reasons to love this game. You can use up to 18 different kinds of aircraft from three of the major powers during the war, from 1943 on. Fly a bomber or fighter and fight for the English, Germans, or Americans. You can choose to be a pilot, gunner, or bombardier. One of the great features about the game is campaign mode, where your actions can really turn the tide of battle. Success in a combat flight mission can mean advancing the front line, or saving countless lives by taking out a key enemy position. You can play with friends and enjoy a cooperation mode, where you work together to defeat the enemy.

The game reacts to your actions. Fly too low and you might just encounter deadly flak fire. Fly too high and your bomber might not be able to find their targets. Going off course could mean not having enough fuel to make it home. This is a game that requires split-second decisions, and every one matters. The makers of this game went to every effort to ensure historical accuracy. One of their many consultants was Al Jones, a RAF pilot who made sure that everything was just how he remembered.

Flying games are a lot of fun. However, they are even better when they are modeled after the real thing. A good flight simulator combat flight simulatorgame gives you the same input that pilots got by using state of the art graphics and accurate cockpits. To relive what it was like to be a pilot, try some combat flight simulator games, and see if you are up to the task of making difficult decisions thousands of feet above the ground, while being shot at. Good luck out there pilot!

Best Combat Flight Sim

Combat Flight Simulator

Pro Flight Simulator

There is a lot of discussion on how Pro Flight Simulator is better than other flight simulator games. With most flight simulators, those enjoyed on the desktop may lack some level of realism due to the fact that many are not well suited with controls similar to those utilized in airplane. Controlling an airplane purely with  a keyboard is certainly not as real as using yolks and foot pedals. Pro flight sim overcomes that negative aspect by offering an interface with many of the prominent top gun controllers that avowedly add to the pragmatism of the experience. Speaking of compatible factor, it functions for all versions of Macs and for windows as well.

Pro Flight Simulator level of synchronization

The effectual windows launcher with this pro flight simulator will make it easy for you to pick both your airplane and your beginning airport. The players are also able  to also select the time of the day for flying and match it with actual globe time. This level of synchronization means that you to certainly encounter actual flight. For example, if it is afternoon in Australia right now then, it will be afternoon within your flight if you are in Sydney. Nevertheless, the main feature is that the synchronization is not only application to time of the day, but also to the environmental settings and climate predicament.

Pro Flight Simulator weather and climate settings

What this means is  that when there is very bad weather conditions  at the moment going on in your selected location, then your flight may well also be tricky.  By comparison with FSX, you will see that there are  far more airport and airplane choices are available in flight simulator games. It allows you choose from more than hundreds of airplanes and far more than thousands of air terminals. Nevertheless, the fundamental deal will let you start with twenty different kinds of airplanes. The player will be able to even fly the 1903 flyer or a range of helicopters if they wish. As for airports, you will notice the  benefit of the  accurate, fact based runway white markings. Sloping taxiways and runways for larger airports are also available.

In fact, this will undoubtedly be your greatest substitute for the supreme flying experience. Even the beginner finds the choice Pro Flight Simulatorof airplane almost too awesome for them. Furthermore, the price is also right. The games “Google map” offers comprehensive images of all the regions and places of the world with a different design to feel and look at. As a result, for true flight simulator fan, pro flight simulator will be the best flight simulator game forever.

Pro Flight Simulator Key Features

At this point in time – 2011, Pro Flight Simulator is amongst the most prominent and popular flight simulator game.

It is an expert flight simulator game. Pro Flight Simulator even comes with fighter jets and air combat simulator.

Pro Flight Simulator features…

The major attraction includes interactive scenery and ability to file and create flight plans. The game’s “Google map” feature offers well developed pictures of all regions and areas of interests. It even allows players to position themselves on the map. Furthermore, they can view realistic climatic or weather conditions. It is a machine that permits you to feel as if you are flying on an aircraft in a realistic manner. Speaking of airplanes, there is not a boundless amount of airplane involved, but there are many models to select from.

Presently, there are more than hundred and thirty pro flight simulator airplanes to choose from. The software developers and company hope to include some more in the game. Having more planes to choose from is an important feature for many people. But more importantly the gaming software is undoubtedly the most realistic that you find.  It gives the feel to the players as if they are actually flying. This is perhaps the greatest benefit, as it was particularly designed to catch the attention of those who desire more of a real experience. Furthermore, while enjoying this game, it was observed the information utilized in creating the airports all through the word, the striking landscapes, and the array of airplanes to select from like concord or F16.

Pro Flight Simulator Bonus

The  Pro flight simulator game shows the accurate information needed to help the professional gamer. There is also a choice to get a bonus product like “pro airplane flying guidebook”. Here, the major advantage includes the lifetime updates available. With the current software, game owner or player will have access to life time updates for free. No other flight game allows this. The game is quite easy to begin with. Notably, if you are accustomed to utilizing simulation or computer games then it can be easier to navigate via this simulation software.

The weather, accurate performance, multiplayer mode, realistic controls, scenery, and the many airplane to select from, are allpro flight simulator the USP of this game. The cost of the deluxe package is quite higher but taking into consideration that it includes lifetime updates free of charge, it is certainly the most excellent deal going. Importantly, you need not have to shell out a single penny again! Download pro flight simulator today and you will not be dissatisfied.

Flight Simulator Games

Flight Simulator Games Upgrading

Video game fans love the thrill and excitement of flight simulator games. With powerful video graphics and processors, more realistic simulation can be achieved. Flight simulators can be played in most game consoles with smooth graphics because of dedicated graphics cards. In personal computers, high system requirements are demanded by this genre of games.

Installing Flight Simulator Games

One of the best in its class is Flight Simulator 11. Dubbed as the best flight simulator available today, Flight Simulator 11 or simply FS11 is not available in computer stores. Instead, the older version, Flight Simulator X, is upgraded to FS11 by installing add-ons that improve the gaming experience several folds.

Installation of Flight Simulator 11

In installing FS11 for the first time, Flight Simulator X (Gold Edition) is required. Before updating FSX with FS11 add-ons, a quick run of the game must be made to initially set up the game. Once a quick launch is finished, FSX is then closed and the computer is restarted.

The previous step ensures that the game is properly set up. The first add-on to be installed is Real Environment Extreme (REX 2.0), this program configures the change from FSX to FS11. Once fully configured, five other add-ons from FTX Orbs must be installed. When this is done, the computer is restarted again and finally the last add-on, My Traffic 2010, completes the conversion. Of course, other additional updates may be installed based on personal preference.

Flight Simulator Games graphics

System requirement for smoother graphics

Latest flight simulator games demand powerful graphics as more and more polygons have to be rendered to make the game flight simulator gamesappear more realistic. Gaming computers are always when running this kind of game. At the least, 3.6 GHz processing power is required. Computer memory must be at least 2 GB and must be combined with a video graphics memory of 512 MB or higher. Since a great volume of data has to be stored in the computer, hard drive space of at least 70 GB is required. You can read more about flight simulator games here.

Flight Simulator Games controller

Flying the virtual plane with the best controller

The gaming experience is never complete without the use of appropriate joysticks to maneuver the virtual plane. Different flight control systems are available in the market. Full control of the aircraft is achieved by using top of the line joysticks that closely resemble that of the actual flight controller found in the cockpit. Flight simulator games have really come a long way because of advancements in processing and graphics power.

Simulator Games

Flight Yoke For Flight Simulator

Some people will tell you that a flight yoke is unnecessary for a flight simulation game; these people feel that those games are more an exercise in mental acuity instead of hand to eye co-ordination.  The fact is that the most important part of a game is the feeling of immersion.  A high level of immersion can be hard to achieve when you are making use of a mouse and keyboard.  Realism to the controls is important, because a cheap piece of plastic can feel even more foreign than the keyboard and mouse.

The Flight Yoke will give you a far better flight simulator experience

The average flight yoke for your simulator has a cost that around two to three hundred dollars, but products that are more recent have a much lower price tag, while still maintaining superior quality and realism.  The Saitek yoke is one product that excels in realism and because it comes with a throttle control piece, it helps make you feel like you are at actual controls for an aircraft; the yoke itself has also been designed to close resemble an actual yoke, both in size and number of available options and buttons.

The corkscrew clamping system makes the Saitek yoke and throttle system easy to clamp to the keyboard shelf.  The size of the clamp can be problematic though, because it can be hard to fit to thicker desk tops; though this issue can be avoided with enough desktop space to forgo use of the clamp.  The throttle portion of the system has a similar sized clamp.  If clamped to your keyboard shelf the controls setup can feel uncomfortable; time using the controls will eventually alleviate the foreign feel and allow for smooth game play.  The entire system is solidly constructed and it looks polished and professional.  Another feature is the number of buttons between the two peripherals, which totals at twelve; these can be program to perform any task or key combination necessary.

Don’t forget to pick up a flight yoke throttle

The use of a flight yoke, throttle, and pedals will create a more realistic gaming experience.  The mental portion of a flight simulator is the most difficult portion, but playing the game with all the fun extras is what really makes it worth playing.  The flight yokecost of flight simulator controls will have an impact on your wallet as the cheapest set costs more than one hundred dollars; this reason alone ensures that your investment should not be made lightly.  The flight yoke and throttle you want will depend on where you plan to use it, how much time you want to invest in getting used to the way the controls feel and the level of immersion you are seeking.

Flight Simulator Controls

Latest Flight Simulator

Choosing An Ideal Flight Simulator Joystick

If you were around during the classic era of flight simulation video games, you may remember how the flight simulator joystick was little more than two buttons on top of a control yoke.  This was all it took to play games like X-Wing or Flight Commander, as one button usually controlled speed while the other controlled a weapon system, and your plane or starship could only go in one of four directions: up, down, left, and right.  Today, the complexities of new flight simulations make joysticks far more complex.  You can integrate joystick flight simulator controls within the keyboard of your computer, or even tie them to voice-activated software for even more hands-free operations.  Some companies produce pedals in order to further free up valuable hand space for the controls.

Today’s Flight Simulator Joystick

Modern flight simulations are so precise that commercial and military pilots can train on them.  Gone are the days of one-button operations: now a joystick may have half a dozen controls that all work in harmony.  Controls that are even more complicated can be integrated into a complete flight yoke, similar to that of an actual aircraft.  The choice between a joystick and a yoke comes down to personal preference: a joystick is more simplistic and comfortable, while the yoke is more realistic and comprehensive.  You are capable of controlling pitch, yaw, trim, and throttle with a yoke, while a flight simulator joystick may only offer acceleration and deceleration.

Flight Simulator Joystick: Saitek Joystick

This is not to say that a joystick is easy to use.  The radical new designs and options make it far from a simple choice.  A Saitek joystick, for instance, is one of the most popular choices for gamers and flight enthusiasts due to the ability to use each control to a finely tuned response.  The Saitek X52 Flight Control system is the most advanced flight system controller in the entire world, making it a must-have for diehards or training outfits that require the highest degree of realism.  The throttle and stick of the Saitek X52 are actually two separate components, to be used in tandem as a real aircraft would.  You can even combine this product with Saitek foot pedals to leave your fingers free for tasks that are more Flight Simulator Joystickspecific.

When looking for the best flight simulator joystick, think about whether you need a simple or complex rig.  Some gamers prefer the old-school approach, but others need a modern and realistic feel, although the price of some advanced joysticks is considerable.

Flight Simulator Controls

Good Flight Simulator Controls Are Vital For The Full Experience!

Flight simulator controls are an integral part of the experience of flight. You can have all the fancy graphics and elaborate cockpit instrumentation you like, but if your controls are not up to scratch then it is impossible to get into the simulation. Anyone who has ever used a good steering wheel with a driving game understands this.

Flight simulator hardware varies a great deal, and you have a wide range of choices from the basic to the very elaborate. In this article, we are going to look at some of the main features you might expect of different controllers and consider whether they are needed.

Flight Simulator Controls: Joysticks

The joystick you use is your main interaction with the aircraft, and as such, it is of paramount importance. There is a vast difference between the cheaper joysticks and the more advanced ones intended for flight simulator game enthusiasts. The more elaborate joysticks have a much smoother feel, for one thing, with no awkward dead-zones or clunks through their range of travel. They also usually have more buttons, which can be very useful if you want to keep your hands off the keyboard. One final option to consider is force-feedback, which can accurately simulate having an aircraft fight back at you during bad weather or dangerous maneuvers.

Flight Simulator Controls: Throttles and Pedals

Used primarily for controlling power and yaw, a good set of throttle and pedals can complete the experience of flying a real aircraft. Any good flight simulator controller gives you options, and the more advanced throttles give you plenty of that, with buttons galore. These buttons can be programmed to operate any command you like, from launching missiles to varying the radar sweep to lowering the landing gear. With a full set of flight simulator gear, including a stick, a throttle and some rudder pedals, you can become fully immersed in the experience and keep your hands off the keyboard and mouse.

The importance of a good set of Flight Simulator Controls

Flight simulator controls are some of the most important components of having a good time with flight simulators. If you are flight simulator controlscurrently attempting to use a keyboard to fly then it is definitely worth upgrading to an inexpensive joystick. If you are an intermediate pilot and would like to take your game to the next level, consider looking for a full set of flight simulator hardware to round out your experience. With good flight simulator gear, the sensations of drama and realism are enhanced so much that you will never want to go back.

Flight Simulator Controls

Microsoft Flight Simulator X

With nearly twenty-five years of experience in programming and distributing flight simulation software, Microsoft’s Flight Simulator game has sold more copies, drawn more fans, and logged more time in the pilot’s seat than every other flight sim ever sold — combined!  Their ultimate project, Microsoft Flight Simulator X, offers fans and potential pilots the chance to get their hands on the most realistic craft in the history of the genre.  Players can pilot dozens of different airplanes across thousands of plots, including taking off from any point on the planet and landing on the other side of the globe.

One of the most innovative new features of Microsoft’s FSX is their dynamic, varied, complex living world.  The beautifully rich graphics allow users to soak up every detail of bustling terminals, sleek aircraft, and intricate weather.  Everything from traffic changing lanes on the freeway to individual animals in the forests below can be seen from the pilot’s seat.  This world is constantly in motion, highlighting not only the beauty of flight but forcing the would-be pilot to carefully pay attention and be on the lookout for potential distractions or delays.

Microsoft Flight Simulator X features:

a large number of new missions and test flights.  Test your piloting talents by flying through training areas lined with obstacles and pitfalls — then do it again to beat your best time!  Real-world flight missions include ventures into stormy weather to rescue downed pilots and passengers, piloting an aid relief supply plane through troubled skies, dropping bombs and military ordinance on hostile targets, landing on an in-motion truck bed, touring the Amazon basin, and flying in a Red Bull-sponsored competitive race.  Each mission offers upgrades and promotions, as well as allowing you to unlock new planes.

If you have ever heard of a “sandbox” game, such as the popular Grand Theft Auto or Assassin’s Creed, you know how fun it can be to simply explore a world and see how many hidden gems and Easter Eggs the developers have put into it.  In Microsoft’s Flight Simulator X, the ability to explore the world is unparalleled — you can even be a control tower operator and send planes into new areas remotely!  Chat in real time with fellow pilots as you venture forth to lands unknown: link up with unfamiliar airports for last-second landings or communicate with in-game characters to take on new missions while still in the air.

Microsoft Flight Simulator legacy

The most staggering aspect of the FSX program is, without doubt, the number of aircraft available.  Any craft from the swift, petite Extra 300S to the lumbering commercial Boeing 737-800 can be taken to the skies with FSX.  Customize your plane withMicrosoft Flight Simulator Games reflective surfaces, glinting glass and shiny chrome, logos, and individually shaded riveting for the personalized look and feel.  Take your personal best and challenge your friends to a race or hauling competition, putting the plane itself on the line!  No matter what your age or experience level, Microsoft Flight Simulator X offers gamers an experience as close to the real thing as can be found.

Today’s Best Flight Simulator Games

The X-Plane Flight Simulator

Flight simulator games have come a long ways from the days of “X-Wing”: now the trend in the gaming industry is to match the specific details of actual flight with the greatest accuracies.  The X-Plane line of flight simulation software from Laminar Research represents another step forward in the genre, a hand-held flight simulator that can be played on nearly any gadget, ranging from the Apple iPad or iPhone models to PC desktops.  Nearly any type of aircraft can be piloted on the X planes software, ranging from a swift air superiority fighter to a lumbering carrier to a rapid-response helicopter.

The Rise of the X-Plane

The concept of advanced, ultra-realistic flight simulators like the X-plane are far from a game: NASA engineers, Air Force operatives, and aircraft corporations like Lockheed all utilize a form of flight simulators to train pilots, test models, and speculate on problems.  The iPad X-plane application includes all the standard norms of simulation at your fingertips, requiring nothing more than a stroke of the fingertip to be crossing a mountain range or engaging in a perfect landing.  As the iPad offers a larger screen space and more processing power compared to other tablets (as well as a few small laptops), it is the perfect launching device for this next-generation software.

The X-plane simulations run by interpreting mathematical models of an airplane’s geometry.  This data is contrasted against a multitude of variables to find the exact information on speed, acceleration, position relative to the destination, and so forth.  Every aspect of flying, from wind speed to fuel levels to height, can be measured and recorded on the X-plane 10 simulator.  Much of this is technical data that the average person can use or not use after all, some people just want to have fun with the program, but offers a massive resource of statistics.  Indeed, the system even offers randomly generated failure responses to test your mettle and nerves.

If you have ever played Microsoft Flight Simulator, you likely know a few of the ropes with regard to the genre.  Since Microsoft has laid off their entire development team and is unlikely to release new editions in the future, X-plane offers one of the few bastions of flight left for the fans.  The manuals put out by Laminar Research anticipate a number of newly converted fans and offer a wide range of instructions for the veterans of Microsoft’s program.  There are a number of similarities in the two programs and both rely on the same general interface, making it easy and enjoyable for potential pilots of any age.


Latest X-Plane 10

The X-Plane 10, along with predecessor X plane 9 and earlier editions, is the most accessible and inclusive flight simulator on the globe.  Nearly any commercial, military, or private aircraft can be modeled and flown on this engine: nearly fourteen hundred total aircraft are available to test out to land on thirty thousand airports.  Capable of running on any platform, from Windows to Linux to Mac, and even on some hand-held mobile smartphones, the X-Plane flight simulator stands head above the rest.

Get A Real Flight Simulator Online

If you are anything like me and are constantly searching for the latest flight simulator online, you will have definitely run into Pro Flight Simulator; one of the hottest simulation games online. If you have not yet heard of this game, now is your chance. I think the term ‘game’ is almost incorrect, in the sense that (even though it is fun and addicting) it is nothing like the made for children games out on the market right now.

This is about as close as you can possibly get to flying a plane without actually sitting in a cockpit, which is what I love about it. No other simulation has what it can offer; which includes stunning graphics, which show the hundreds upon thousands of real world places to visit, along with real time weather data and sunlight conditions. What I think is the most realistic element is how the planes are designed to handle in a similar way to real planes during stormy or bad conditions, and the simulation mimics all sorts of weather and flying problems. While this may make it a little harder to play, playing this simulation overall is rather easy, as there are loads of tutorials which make it easy to get started.

What really makes this game stand out as the best flight simulator online is the fact that it has over 120 different planes and flight simulator games onlinehelicopters; all of which are modeled exactly after existing planes. These include rescue helicopters and even the latest army fighters, (seeing that hooked me immediately). The game is available for download or you can also order it on DVD. It works on all operating systems, and requires a fairly good configuration to be able to run such a stellar game. More or less, this is the best flight simulator games online that I have come across, and I think it will hold the title for a long time.

An Overview Of PC Flight Simulator Games

Many dream about flying, and why not, it represents a certain freedom that most will simply never experience. For those with a great deal of time and money, a pilot’s license is the closest thing one can obtain that will make these dreams a reality. For the rest, it is necessary to find an adequate simulation of the experience. For decades, PC Flight Simulator games  have allowed those at home to experience the thrill and danger of flight. The genre’s constant changes have led to a wide range of products, perhaps even beyond the imagination of the original programmers.

Flight simulator games for PC date back to the earliest days of gaming history.

These games were, much as they are today, true simulations of flight. Early games focused more on the (at the time) quite difficult task of programming a number of realistic flight parameters into the program, with the graphical representation consisting of little more than simple line graphics. The look of the thing, of course, was not the point – an enthusiast would be able to experience some of the sensation of controlling a plane from their own home, an experience that had been previously thought impossible.

The PC flight simulator genre became more popular with the faster computers.

With more powerful graphics available on the newer computers, the PC flight simulator games began to provide more detailed graphic representations of scenery. The genre itself began to split in two – the games that kept the “pure” spirit of simulation flying, and those that combined the simulation with combat oriented tasks. Both sides would continue to flourish throughout the 1980s, finally culminating in the breathtaking 3D-rendered games released in the late 1990s. Featuring fully simulated cockpits, instrument readouts, and scenery, these games pushed the boundaries of what one could do with a home computer.

The 21st century has seen a relative fall in interest in PC flight simulator games, with releases seemingly only targeted towards niche audiences. Games like ProFlight Simulator and Flight Simulator X continue to add more and more realism to the genre, and flight simulation enthusiasts are treated to some of the best simulations ever produced. Whether or not the genre will see a resurgence is still debatable, but the enthusiasm of a few has guaranteed that the games will remain in production so long as there are those willing to buy the programs.PC flight simulator

Flight simulator games for PC are nearly as old as personal computing. These games have evolved from rough graphical presentations to truly breathtaking 3D masterpieces, all the while attempting to stay as true to the source material as possible. While most will never feel the thrill of flying an airplane, these games allow any armchair pilot the chance to fly some of the most advanced craft currently in the air. The heyday of the genre may have long since gone by, but the products available on the market are still quite entertaining. If you are looking for a challenge, investigating modern flight simulators is well worth your time.

Jump Into The Cockpit Of The Latest Realistic Flight Simulator Game

If your dream is to soar above the skies from the safety and comfort of your home, you are one of many flight simulator game enthusiasts. Flight Simulator games have been around for decades, most of them offering only a few different flight options, dodgy computer graphics and a limited number of planes. If you are anything like me and have been constantly frustrated with these poorly crafted simulations, you will be quite pleased to hear about the newest product to hit the shelves. Years of hard work and expert research has been put into the latest flight simulator, one of the most popular selling video games; Pro Flight Simulator.

Pro Flight Simulator is the real deal

There is a big difference between a flight simulator game for children, and an actual flight simulator. Pro Flight Simulator is hardly children’s play, this is the real deal. I am starting to wonder if they will give me a license at the end of the game. However, I am getting ahead of myself. Let me take you on a tour of one of the most thrilling simulations I have ever played. [Read more...]

The Most Realistic Flight Simulator Available For Consumer Use

Is experiencing what it feels like one of the items that tops your bucket list?

If you have always dreamed of flying but you do not have resources it takes to obtain your pilot license, consider the benefits of investing in the most realistic flight simulator ever developed.  Most individuals assume that computer flight simulators cannot provide a real-life experience.  The Pro Flight simulator is far from average.  This advanced simulation program offers realistic worldwide terrain, maps of real-life airports, and the ability to control over 120 different aircraft.  If you want a simulator that is actually used for training in professional flight schools around the world consider the benefits of investing in the latest flight simulator by Pro Flight and get the experience of flight straight from your own home computer.

The most realistic flight simulator

ProFlightSimulator was initially developed as an affordable alternative to other professional flight simulators used to trained potential pilots.  While the program can be used as a game it is much more than that.  No other flight simulator has been able to get any closer to the real experience.  With realistic flight dynamics, controls, cockpits, scenery, and landmarks, it will feel as if you are actually flying over the destination you choose.  Because the flight simulator was designed to be a true simulation of flying, it is important to have realistic expectations with the program.  It is far from easy.  You will be expected to press all of the necessary controls for takeoff and for landing.  While it may be difficult to get the feel for the controls as a rookie you will quickly catch on and move on to bigger and more powerful aircraft. [Read more...]